I made it to our city council meeting Tuesday evening and there weren’t very many Ryan residents that showed up besides myself. Tina and Larry Morrison had been placed on the agenda to ask the council if there might be any incentives offered on behalf of a new business. Larry asked the council why the business were charged $30.00 per month for the garbage service. Clifford replied that he thought the business canisters were larger than the residential canisters. This was discussed a little further to conclude that the canisters of the businesses are the same size as the residents, but, our businesses pay $30.00 per month and residents pay $19.50. In years past, our garbage collection was every week day for the businesses. You could justify the difference in the price of the business service in comparison to the residences. But, at least since we have had our garbage collection contracted out, the trash collection is one day each week regardless of whether business or residential. This item is to be discussed at the next council meeting. The first item on the agenda was to be some discussion from an individual from the Terral casino, but, due to the weather, they didn’t make it to the meeting.

I haven’t made it out west of town to see the progress of our Comanche Entertainment Casino and smoke shop. I have heard through the grapevine that they are planning on opening up February 28.  The River Star Casino in Terral is expecting to open on March 1. These casinos hopefully may add some revenue to our communities of Ryan and Terral. The only hope for that happening will be from tourists patronizing the local businesses.

We are still seeing more cases of folks with the flu. It is affecting children as well as adults.

We did get a rain Tuesday evening shortly after the council meeting was dismissed. The rain lasted about 5 minutes, which is better than none at all. Enjoy the day Thursday, because Friday it is supposed to be cold again.  The high for Friday is expected to be around 40 degrees. The high Saturday is expected to hit 50 and 60 on Sunday. This will give us something to look forward to. It was really cold this past weekend. I made it over to Amarillo Saturday morning, to see snowflakes falling in Amarillo. When I left Ryan at 4:30, it was misting and the temperature was 28 degrees and falling. I made it there and back safely. Randy and I had a good day together.

I don’t have any news from Kim this week. She has been sick this past week. I pray that she is feeling better.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and each other.