We finally had a storm to blow in this morning around 3:30am.  Boy, did it blow.  I stayed awake after hearing the wind woke me up.  There’s not anything you can do but just ride it out.  We all made it through the night, anyway.  We thought we were going to get in on some rain Thursday, but that didn’t happen, then again on Saturday evening, but, that didn’t happen either.  I was outside yesterday afternoon behind the store, cutting some branches off of the trees in the alley way.  At about 3:30pm, the wind really began blowing from the north, and boy, it got cooler in a hurry.  I thought that these conditions might bring about some hail, but thank goodness, that didn’t happen.  I was hauling a bunch of branches in the back of my truck, and noticed about half way up the hill, heading north on 81, that I couldn’t see my branches on either side of my truck.  I looked back in the distance, and my pile of limbs were in the northbound lane of the highway.  I hurried up and unloaded what was left in the bed of my truck and got back to where they had blown out and Emilio Cabrera had beat me to them.  He said cars were going around the pile, but, he was getting them off the highway.  He helped me load them back in the bed of my truck and he got in there with them and smashed them down by walking on them.  The second trip, they got where I wanted them to go.  We still need a lot more rain, so, prayerfully our time will come some day.  I’ve seen quite a few grasshoppers now this summer. 

This coming Tuesday will be the evening for the Ryan City Council meeting at 6:00.  More citizens need to attend these meetings.  This past meeting was the most folks I’ve seen attend for a long time. 

This next week, on the 4th of July, a number of our businesses will be closed for the holiday.  Both clinics, the post office, the drug store, the banks, and City Hall, will all be closed that day. 

Next Friday, July 6th, there will be a fireworks display just off the highway behind Jamie and Richard Kimbro’s house.  They had quite an exhibit last year, it was fantastic.  Get your lawn chairs and water bottles and join in their festivities Friday evening as soon as the sun goes down.  I bet they would welcome more fireworks, if folks would like to bring them so that a lot of folks can enjoy them.  It will be a fun time. 

Ryan will be having another sidewalk sale on Friday, July the 6th.  We will have our merchandise out around 7:00am if folks want to get out and shop early before it gets too hot.  Our 3 local businesses will all have merchandise set outside on our sidewalks.  We also welcome folks from the community to set up someplace on our sidewalks, if others would like to get in on it, too. 

Some of our local kids and parents are gone to church camps this week.  Prayers to all of them that they have a safe trip and a good time together.

Kim’s news for this week:

I want to thank Shelton’s & Dustan with all my heart, for the delivery of the shopping cart. 

Saturday, Foxy didn’t even know she was the star of the Cowboy Church house show, riding with Jessie on Shaddow in her straw hat, being a show-off dog is where it’s at.

Everyone have a blessed week and a safe 4th of July.  Please pray for rain and for each other.


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