We are so blessed around here.  We’ve had several pretty good rains this past week.  We’ve been so fortunate not to have any really bad weather around here.  You drive north on Hwy 81 up to Duncan, and look at the trees and branches that have been either uprooted or broken off of trees.  I don’t know when they had winds that did all of that damage in the park across the street from Homeland Grocery store.  There was a big tree laying across a creek there in that park.  If we had winds here in Ryan, I must have slept through them. 

I missed the hamburger/hot dog feed they had at our county barn this past Saturday afternoon.  Ricky Martin was hosting this event to display the barn that they built.  They worked hard on it to get it done, but they did a good job. I’m sure Ricky had his hands in on it, too.  Ricky, along with his county employees, are all very hard workers. 

Kim invited me to attend a church service with her Sunday over at Corum Assembly of God Church.  She and I joined Lynn and Joyce Plant, Calvin Hampton, and Stacy Dalton, in Waurika to ride the rest of the way to Corum in their van.  When we got to the church, Kay and Jim Shults were there.  They have been members of this church since October.  Jim played his electric guitar, and later in the service, they sang a song together.  It was a blessing to get to listen to their talent, as well as some young girls that sang. Calvin played the piano for the service and he is blessed with a terrific musical talent, too.  The main reason I wanted to go though, was that Kim told me that she was going to give her testimony during this service.  She got up and did such a great job.  Her dad, Rash, was there to witness her during this special occasion.  Kim has given her life to Christ, and what an inspiration she is.  I wish there had been more young people present for this service to hear her talk about the life she left behind, to find a new life that has been filled with the Holy Spirit. Kay told me that she has retired from teaching now, and looks forward to getting to spend more time with Jim.  Kay has been a special education teacher for the Ryan Public School for many years. I hope that they find someone that is as dedicated to their profession and most importantly, that loves and cares about the students as much as what Kay has.  It certainly takes a special person to teach students that have special needs. Prayers to Kay as she begins her retirement.

This past week, Ryan teachers had a retirement get-together to honor Frank Holland.  He has been a janitor for Ryan Public School for many years.  Prayers for Frank as he begins his life of retirement.

This next Monday is Memorial Day and our banks, post office, Ryan Drug Store, Ryan Medical Clinic, Ryan Family Care clinics, and Ryan City Hall will all be closed that day.

On Friday, June 1, our local merchants will be having a sidewalk sale.  How long has it been since Ryan had a sidewalk sale?  A long time. 

This Saturday afternoon, Brionna and I will be going to attend the wedding of Morgan Good and Jim Roberts in Henrietta, TX.  Congratulations and God’s blessings on their marriage.

If you missed the Royal wedding this past Saturday morning, it was fantastic.  What a wedding!  They said that there were more people watching this wedding than did Prince William and Princess Kate’s, or Princess Dianna and Prince Charles’s weddings.  Megan was a beautiful bride.  It’ll be interesting watching their lives together unfolding over time.  She is 36 and Prince Harry is 33.  They are very excited about starting a family together. 

Kim’s news for this week:

I am blessed to be able to have coffee at the Cowboy College Table.

Taking care of a horse or a cow, sitting there, one can learn how.

Thanks Mollye for riding with me Sunday to Corum to give my testimony. I was also glad to see my dad.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and for each other.


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