What a week we now have behind us. We skipped fall and now we are having more winter-like weather. We had more rain this past weekend and are expecting more for this week. I got out Saturday morning in my car to make a couple of deliveries and decided I would drive over to the south bridge of Beaver Creek. Boy, that was a mistake! Water was barreling over the bridge, not from the water below the bridge, but, from the water coming down the hill across the road. I made my way over to the turn in for the city dump and sat there for a couple of minutes. I rationalized in my mind that if it began raining any harder, I was not going to be able to get back down that road in my car. I was able to turn around and made it back up the hill to make my deliveries, safely. I won’t ever do that again! Our earth is so saturated in this area now, that all of our moisture we are getting now is staying on top of the soil and running off to the nearest creek or river. Several bridges around our county have washed away. Edna Grantham lives out east of town and said the bridge between her house and the house of Iva and John Roark was not there anymore. I had water coming under my arch from my neighboring building here in town Saturday morning, too. 

The dinner for Sammy Overstreet surely brought in a crowd of people. Most of the Givens family came back home for this event. Lolly and I got there just as they ran out of spaghetti. We just patiently waited for them to bring out some more. There were a lot of workers there for the dinner. We had to sit in the front dining area because the back area was completely full. That says something right there. 

We have a celebrity in our midst around here. I missed the news broadcast on channel 7 out of Lawton last Wednesday at 6:00, but there was a news team from Lawton that interviewed Sarah Tyus last week. Sarah has been home schooled by her mother, most of her life since she was school age. She did attend Ryan School for a little while, before her mother decided she would teach her the necessary curriculum in a home school program, herself. Donna has done a good job with her. She has had some extracurricular activities that she has participated in as well. Sarah has been active in showing sheep with the Ryan FFA kids. She has also excelled in her archery skills. She has done very well for herself and I know her parents, Donna and Kevin, are very proud of her. Sarah is 16 years old now and I was asking her about whether she had a drivers license yet. She said she does not, and really doesn’t have a great desire to drive anyway. She will someday soon enough, I am sure. I am sure, too, that we will be hearing more about the accomplishments of this young lady as time progresses. Way to go, Sarah!

Kim’s news for this week: 

Last week I got to see Bryson Hernandez in a cross country track meet. It is so great. Next week he goes to State. Foxy went and didn’t complain about the rain. I’m still receiving knowledge from the Cowboy College. 

Everyone have a blessed week. Prayers to those that are suffering from illnesses or just in need of our Lord’s presence in our lives.


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