It was a blessing to have made it through last week with all of the dilemmas we were faced with after Tuesday morning. We started out with 73 degree temperatures on Tuesday morning, but, by that evening it was 33 degrees. The wind was really blowing, and after I got home that evening, the electricity went out just after 10:00 pm. Thankfully, our power was restored at around 8:15 am Wednesday. I had the cat and dog in the house with me overnight. The cat never presents any problems being kept inside the house, but, the dog is not nearly as good as the cat. We made it through the night all in one piece. Our dog has a heat lamp in his dog house, so, he is accustomed to being outside. We were blessed with rain and sleet more than one day last week. Our little town just didn’t have many people out in this terribly cold weather. The clinic next door to me was closed on Wednesday and Thursday. I was surprised that Marc could make it to his clinic on both of those days. We were blessed with close to 6 inches of precipitation from the time it all started Tuesday through Saturday morning. It was another blessing to see the sun come out Saturday morning. Our kids were out of school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, because of the icy conditions of our roads. I didn’t even receive my drug order from my wholesale company on Thursday. My delivery man called and was very concerned about coming down from Duncan, and I told him that I wasn’t in desperate need and could wait until Friday to get my order. I had several leaks in my store from the ice on top of the roof. After it began to get above freezing, the ice melted that was in contact with the roof, while a sheet of ice stayed above the ice that had thawed. This trapped the water above the roof and it found several holes to get into and I was trying to find buckets and trash cans to capture all the leaks that had sprung into action. This was certainly a challenge, but, not too much damage was done from the leaks. This just means more repair has become necessary.

This coming Tuesday should be the day for the Ryan City Council meeting at 6:00 pm.

Toby Brown passed away last Thursday morning. Toby is the son of V.C. And Vickie Brown. His best friend, Ben Arneson, came into the store Thursday morning and told me he had just passed away. Prayers to the Brown family and to Ben during this difficult time.

Kim’s news for this week: All the sleet and ice was not nice. Walking to the barn, I almost fell. Driving, I spun and fish tailed. Saturday, I gave a praise shout when the sun came out.

Foxy and I went to the livestock show, but, at 2:30 we had to go.

Everybody have a blessed week. Pray for rain and for each other.