It was the shortest meeting of the year thus far. 

There were three members of the council present – Tammy Cotton, Lynda Kafer-Cain, and David Jackson. Also present was Kenzie Wheeler the Ryan Town Attorney.

The meeting began with a presentation from Ryan Piersol from the Oklahoma Municipal Power Association.

He was there to simply give an annual report to the town council. Of the many things he reported was that the chairman of OMPA, Charles Lamb, recently passed away. Lamb was also the mayor of Edmond, Oklahoma. Piersol said Lamb was highly respected and will be deeply missed. 

Council members approved the Treasurer’s Report (see below). 

Next, the bills, claims, and invoices for the town of Ryan were approved for payment. 

There being no new business the council meeting was adjourned. 

The Ryan Public Utilities Authority was dispensed with.

The final meeting was adjourned at 6:12 pm. 

Editor’s Note: Thank you for the brevity of the meeting. I was able to get back to Waurika and finish the paper in a timely manner. 


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