Beef shortage has been a concern since the beginning of the pandemic. Thankfully, the Good family, owners of Shelton’s Grocery, proactively made arrangements to see that local customers would not have to suffer from the shortage.

They were able to accomplish this feat through family connections.

As a matter of fact, life and business for the Goods is all about family. 

  Jena Good, general manager of Shelton’s Grocery in Waurika and Walters Hometown Grocery, said in a recent interview that upon learning the news of the shortage of beef her family rustled together their resources and sprang into action. When looking for an alternative source for beef they didn’t have to look far.  Jena’s brother Teddy and his wife Brooke Good are owners of “5th Avenue Processing and Retail” in Sterling, Oklahoma. It is a butcher shop with a retail front that is state inspected. This family connection has since proven fortuitous. Especially since there is a lack of approved processing centers in Oklahoma. 

  The Goods then purchased some cattle and made arrangements with Teddy to cut and quarter their beef. 

  Next they wanted to guarantee the beef’s timely arrival to the stores, so the Goods bought their own refrigerated truck, which is driven by another family member, grandpa Ray Emmons, Jena’s mother Cheryl’s dad.

  Their goals were twofold. They wanted to maintain the supply to customer’s and wanted to keep prices as low as possible. They have been able to meet these goals and their customer’s deeply appreciate it. One customer drives from as far away as Loco for the savings. 

  Needless to say, the results have been positive. 

Customer’s are now getting fresher meat. They are also getting specialized cuts, such as breakfast steaks, that were previously not available. For members of the older generation, a trip to the meat counter is like a trip down memory lane. They are now seeing cuts of meat that were standard back in the good old days. 

  Because of the Good’s forward thinking their meat counters are fully stocked daily with beef produced in Oklahoma.

  Lately, Shelton’s has been able to supplement their beef supply and allow their customers to take advantage of special pricing and deals straight from the wholesaler but they are still planning to continue to offer their own beef raised here in the state.  

  The mission of the Good family has always been to put food on the tables of their valued customers. Shelton’s is genuinely a family business. Stan and his wife Cheryl are the owners. Their daughter, Jena, is the general manager. Jena’s son Drew even helps out occasionally. He can be found pealing onions or visiting with customers. 

  Jena had originally thought about practicing law, the decision to come back to the grocery business was based on the feeling she enjoys working with family and serving the families in the community. After all, it’s truly all about family.