As a business owner, I know that a strong local health care system is vital to our county not only in terms of health, but in terms of having a thriving local economy. Our health care infrastructure is critical to building the quality of life here we all want. State Question 802 for Medicaid expansion would not only strengthen Jefferson County Hospital and the three rural health clinics in Ringling, Ryan and Waurika, but it would bring more economic activity and  jobs to Jefferson County. That is exciting!

Recently, the SQ 802 campaign released a study showing that passage of this state question would bring home more than a billion of Oklahomans’ tax dollars every year from Washington, D.C., money that’s currently going to 36 other states that have already expanded Medicaid. 

The study, commissioned by the Oklahoma Hospital Association, showed that beyond delivering health care to nearly 200,000 Oklahomans, the return of those funds would create an additional 27,280 new jobs, generate $15.6 billion in new economic activity, and add a projected $6.7 billion in labor income in the first five years. It also would generate almost half a billion dollars in new state and local tax revenues, the report finds. 

I am proud of the contributions Jefferson County Hospital and the three rural health clinics make to our community in improved quality of life for our citizens. I’m eager to take steps that will keep our health care system strong for many years to come. If we can improve the local economy at the same time, then Medicaid expansion is a win-win for everyone. 

I encourage everyone to vote Yes on SQ 802 on June 30.

Brian McGahey

Jefferson County Development Authority

JCDA President

CEO/Founder-Equipment Experts, Inc.