The Blevins Produce stand in Terral is winding down the season. 

For various reasons the crops didn’t produce as many canteloupe and watermelon as in previous seasons. 

That being said, the quality of the melons was as good as ever. 

“The demand was as good as it was last year,” Charles Blevins said. 

Customer’s are never disappointed with the selection at the familiar produce stand that is located just south of Terral on Highway 81. 

As in previous years Charles and Loretta as well as other family members provided fresh pickles, host sauces, and tomatoes. 

Doug Gunter made the wild plum jelly, squash relish and pepper sauce. The pepper sauce was not for sissies.

Charles and Jerry Blevins have been operating the stand for many years. 

During the time of this interview several stopped by to visit and many to buy fresh watermelon from the fields. 

Two of the hard workers this summer were Gun Gunter and Gabbie Gunter. They enjoy their time at the produce stand. Charles and Jerry said they couldn’t make it without them. 

Throughout Saturday morning as customers and friends stopped to visit, it was a reminder of a time when Terral was crowded with people during the annual Watermelon celebration that brought people from all over the country. 

Charles and Jerry said they remember the parades and the crowds like it was yesterday. 

It’s a part of Terral’s storied history. A memory cherished and not soon forgotten. 

Perhaps that is just one of the reasons the Blevins Produce Stand continues to operate year to year. 

Charles said it keeps them from being bored. 

However, after spending time with them it’s easy to see that it is a long held tradition that helps keep Terral connected to its past. 

It’s a tradition the community hopes they will keep for many years to come.