We’ve had some beautiful days in the last week.  We still are getting to experience the presence of winter amidst each week that passes.  Looking at our forecast for this week, there are great chances for rain every day through Saturday.  We are heading for some more cold days, but, we have days that are quite warm amongst them. Our temperature this morning was 70 degrees and we are expecting to have temperatures in the 40s before the day is over. We so desperately need the rain.  I hear farmers talking about their wheat crops and they are having to send their cattle to sell them about a month early than usual.  The crop wouldn’t thrive without the presence of moisture.  Things might beginning to look better in our present drought situation.

This morning’s news on Channel 7 KSWO out of Lawton had 2 things of interest.  The first being that Ryan was mentioned regarding our Senior Citizen meal site is possibly facing closure.  There is a meeting being held at the meal site at 11:00 this morning to discuss this.  This would be a great loss for our community as well as surrounding communities that take advantage of at least one good meal per day in our 5 day work week.  Not only does this site offer meals, but, they offer fun and games to all who want to go to participate.  This might be the only time some of our folks are able to get out and socialize with others.  I hope and pray that the outcome of their meeting today will show favor to our meal site and allow this facility to keep serving our community.  This site employs several individuals, too.  They are in need of maintaining 25 citizens daily and they have had 24 regularly.  Just 1 more person to allow them to remain open.  Please show your support if you are over 60, and get out and eat and see what a good time they have down there.  The meals are around $2.00 per person.  The last time I went out to eat, the drinks alone were more than $2.00.

Editor’s Note: Mollye heard that the Ryan Senior site will stay open of they can keep between 20-25 regular attendees. If you get a chance you might want to stop by and support the Senior Center in Ryan. 

The second thing I heard mention was concerning our daylight savings time.  Our Oklahoma Legislature is trying to pass a bill that would have Oklahomans in a permanent daylight savings time status.  As it is, we are in Central Standard Time 7 months of the year.  They just keep expanding the daylight savings time on us at the national level.  You might as well say, that would include us in the same time zone as Georgia and Florida. I will reserve my opinion on this one.

The Terral River Star Casino is still planning to open on March 1.  It doesn’t look like the Ryan casino will be opening on the 28th of February.  There is only 1 double wide mobile home out there at their casino site.  I only hear things through the grapevine from out there.

This Saturday the Ryan Food Bank will be distributing at 10:00am.

Our trash service will be running on Saturday instead of Friday this week, due to the holiday we had Monday.

We were sorry to hear of the passing of Carrie Sheffield, from Terral.  Carrie taught a lot of folks from Ryan and Terral.  Prayers to her family and friends during their loss.

Kim is finally feeling much better.  She has been down for 2 weeks, and has finally gotten back to work and to writing. Kim’s news for this week:

For 2 weeks I’ve been under the weather.  Now I am healed and feeling better.

Foxy and I will begin to ride Ruffy Tuffy again.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for much needed rain and for each other.