The Waurika Depot is in need of new coils in the air conditioning unites that service the large meeting area. The coils were installed in 2009 and have outlived their warranties.  

The Waurika City Commissioners held an emergency meeting Tuesday evening at 5:00 pm to discuss and  take action on having the coils replaced. 

Climate Control of Duncan and Jamison Heating and air had both submitted proposals. 

The commissioners voted to accept the proposal from Climate Control of Duncan, Oklahoma in the amount of $4,166.00. They currently service the air conditioners for the city and provide the needed service for them.  

Although Jamison Heating and Air had submitted a proposal of $3,621.20, the commissioners accepted the proposal from Climate Control because of their experience and continued service on the city’s air conditioners. 

The money will come from the Depot account and will not affect the city budget.