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Brad Scott Serving on Duncan Regional Hospital Board

Duncan Regional Hospital is fortunate to have many passionate people serving on its boards who are willing to share their time and talent. We are pleased to announce the addition of Brad Scott to the DRH Board of Directors.

A fifth-generation Jefferson County resident, Brad graduated from Waurika High School in 1990. He attended Oklahoma State University graduating with a degree in agricultural economics. He returned to Waurika where he owned the Farmers Insurance Agency for 19 years. Three years ago, he sold the business to devote his time to running his and his family’s ranching business.

It was through his grandfather’s legacy of serving in the Oklahoma legislature for 30 years (the longest-serving member) Brad learned the importance of service. He ran for state representative while at OSU. “I won 3 out of 4 counties and lost the overall election by 117 votes,” said Scott. “It was a great learning experience for me.”

His commitment to service continues through his role as City Manager for Waurika. He has held this position for two terms and will serve in the role as long as he is needed. “I love our community,” shared Scott. “Our town looks as good as it has in 20 years. Main Street looks phenomenal as does the new Veterans Park.”

Additional boards, he has served on include the Oklahoma AgCredit, Jefferson County Hospital Authority and First Christian Church of Waurika.

Brad has been married to Elizabeth for 22 years, and they have two sons, Lodge, a freshman at Oklahoma State University and Houston, who is in 8th grade.

While welcoming a new member, it is also time to say thank you to Scott Stone as he steps off the Board of Directors.  Scott, a Duncan attorney, has served on the board since 2009.  During this time Scott served on several board committees including Compliance, Governance, Institutional Development, and Professional Affairs. Additionally, he served as Board Secretary for two years and as Chair for two.

“It’s truly an honor to welcome Brad to the DRH Board of Directors. He brings a lot of different talents and a passion for Jefferson County to the board that we need in our growing organization.  As well, we want to thank Scott Stone for all his work, direction, guidance and dedication to DRH over the past 9 years. It was an honor to have him on our board,” said Jay R. Johnson, President and CEO, Duncan Regional Hospital.

Waurika Students Participate in Thunder Reading Challenge


First grade students at Waurika Elementary are participating in the Oklahoma City Thunder Reading Challenge this school year. Juan Garcia and Allison Eck are the 1st grade winners for the months of November and December.

November City Council Meeting Interesting Results


The City of Waurika held their regularly scheduled meeting Monday evening at 6:00 pm, November 6, 2017.

All members of the council were present.

The minutes of the meeting held October 9 2017 were approved.

It was voted that the property insurance bids would be sent out to be renewed February 2, 2018.

Because the city is receiving Federal Funds the city has to adopt Ordinance Number 11032017-1 (see below), amending Section 1-12 of Article 2, City Commission, Chapter 1 to include gender identity and disability in the nondiscrimination clause.

The council approved the 2018 Waurika City Commission meeting schedule. The only change being that the June meeting will be held on Thursday, June 7th, 2018.

Next, the council voted to approve the 2018 Holiday Dates (Christmas will still be on the 25th of December).

Christmas bonuses for each full time employee in the amount of $100.00 was approved.

The various departments submitted their reports.

Street Department

Virgil Duncan reported that he read water meters, unloaded trailers of trash at the street barn, and loaded roll-offs with trash.

He moved various barricades.

Virgil also took bricks out of the road at the alley on Broadway and reinstalled bricks after the gas company laid a new gas line.

He also repaired the pot holes with asphalt; 4 in the 100 block of East G street, 2 in the 400 block of Ash, 4 in the 200 block of East H. street, and 1 in the 600 block of Florida.

Purchases and claims in the amount of $42,521.93 were approved.

The city also spent $307,813.00 of FEMA money.  $1,375.00 was also approved in interest payments from the Waurika Special Revenue Fund.

The financial reports submitted by RS Meacham were approved.

No new business was discussed.

Immediately following the Waurika Council Meeting the Waurika Public Works Authority (WPWA) began it’s regularly scheduled meeting.

Acting City Manager Brad Scott reported that the city Water Plant is being maintained and the employees working at the plant are receiving additional training.

Toni from Evoqua came towards the end of the month of October and gave tremendous help and guidance with repairing and maintaining the plant equipment.

Glenn Roberts reported that the Water Department has had a busy and stressful month. However, they have accomplished quite a bit and have learned much from Toni from Evoqua.

He reports that many of the valves need to be rebuilt and the stainless steel 6” pipes under the filters used for the CIP cleans need to be replaced.

There are some mechanical items that will need to be replaced or repaired. Money that had been allocated for sewage may have to be diverged to spend the necessary money (approximately $3,000.00) to complete the needed maintenance.

Purchase orders and claims in the amount of  $58,965.73 were approved.

RS Meacham submitted a financial report for WPWA that was approved.

Under New Business the council approved the spending of approximately $3,000.00 to replace the valves at the Waurika Water Plant.

Library News


Story Time Returns! Each Wednesday morning at 10:00 am, we read stories to pre-k children. After Story Time, we have Legos, puzzles, games and computers for the children to play with. We hope to see you here!

The theme for this year’s Let’s Talk About It Oklahoma book discussions is ‘Working to Survive: Surviving to Work’.   On November 7th, at 5:30pm, Dr. John Morris visits to discuss our next book ‘Bartleby the Scrivener’ by Herman Melville.

A scrivener was a person who could read and write and wrote letters to courts and legal documents. Scriveners were people that made their living by writing or copying written material. This usually included secretarial and administrative duties such as dictation and keeping business, judicial, and history records for kings, nobles, temples, and cities. Scriveners later developed into public servants, accountants, lawyers and petition writers.

Bartleby is a scrivener, “who obstinately refuses to go on doing the sort of writing demanded of him.” During the spring of 1851, Melville felt similarly about his work on Moby Dick. Thus, Bartleby can be seen to represent Melville’s frustration with his own situation as a writer, and the story itself is “about a writer who forsakes conventional modes because of an irresistible preoccupation with the most baffling philosophical questions.” Bartleby can also be seen to represent Melville’s relation to his commercial, democratic society.

Discussions for Let’s Talk About It begin at 5:30 p.m.

November 7th

Bartleby the Scrivener:  A Story of Wall Street

by: Herman Melville

John Morris

December 5th

The Cliff Walk: A Job Lost and  a Life Found

by: Don J. Snyder

Bruce Treadaway

For information about events, activities and more, visit our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/WaurikaPublicLibrary/

Round Ryan October 12 2017

Ryan Main Street
We have been blessed with nearly 3 inches of rain this past week. It was much needed, and is pretty well been absorbed into the soil now.  I am watching my lawn and hoping not to have to get on the mower again this year, but I am seeing some blades of grass stick up more than what I like, so, maybe next weekend will be the last.
Brionna and I attended the wedding ceremony of Denver Bob and Hailey Overstreet.  They had a good crowd out there at the Beaver Creek Barn near Walters.  Brother Bob Waitman officiated over the ceremony.  He had a lot of kind words, scriptures, and advice for the couple.
The Ryan junior high football team will be playing Thackerville on October 9, starting at 6:30pm here in Ryan.  The high school team will be playing Fox here with the game starting at 7:30pm this Friday night.
We will be closing the Ryan Drug Store at 11:00am this Thursday to attend the funeral service of Brionna’s uncle and my brother-in-law, Brad Compton, in Lewisville, TX. We will open Friday as usual.
This coming Monday, October 9, is Columbus Day and this is a holiday for the banks, post office, and Ryan City Hall.  They will all be closed Monday.
Kim’s news for this week:
Thanks to Pat and Doyle again for giving Ruffy Tuffy a trim.
This week was great, Foxy had her birthday, she turned 8.
And isn’t God grand for the rain on this land.
The Cowboy Church roping was awesome, I scared Doyle with Foxy’s toy possum.
When I got stuck, there was no doubt that the cowboys would get me out.
Everyone have a blessed week and prayers for rain have been helping, but continue to pray for each other here and everywhere.

Local girl returns home to care for patients at JCH

Waurika High School alumnus, Randi Berry, has returned home to provide rehabilitation care at Jefferson County Hospital. She attended Midwestern State University (Wichita Falls, TX) and then transferred to the University of Oklahoma where she earned her Physical Therapy degree.

“My first job out of school was with Duncan Regional Hospital,” said Randi. “I then worked for a home health care in Wichita Falls and now I am back.”  As a physical therapist, Randi works with a wide range of patients. For those recovering from knee replacement surgery to those requiring reconditioning after a long hospital stay.

Therapy services offered include:

• Exercises focused on improving strength and mobility

• Instruction on safe and correct use of walker, canes, braces and artificial limbs

• Improving everyday living skills including dressing and eating

Randi and her team are here to help those who have suffered functional loss due to a disabling illness or injury.  “Our goal is to get you moving again,” shared Randi.

Randi is married to Josh, a firefighter for Wichita Falls, and they have two children.

About Duncan Regional Hospital

Serving Stephens and the surrounding counties since 1977, Duncan Regional Hospital has a state-wide reputation as one of the premiere Oklahoma hospitals for medical excellence, advanced technology and nationally recognized high levels of patient satisfaction and is a 138-bed nationally accredited hospital.  To learn more visit www.duncanregional.com    


“My first job out of school was with Duncan Regional Hospital,” said Randi. “I then worked for a home health care in Wichita Falls and now I am back.”




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