We were blessed with close to 6 inches of rain last Friday. It started Thursday evening around 6:30pm, when the winds and clouds came in. We lost our electricity until 2:31 Friday morning. It was off for nearly 8 hours. It was cooler to go outside than it was to stay in the house with no air circulating. Brionna was home with me and she wasn’t too fond of being without electricity. People used to do without electricity, but, modern amenities have come to spoil us. And, cooler days are right around the corner and summer is officially behind us. 

This next Tuesday will be the evening of the Ryan City Council meeting at 6:00.

On Friday, October 5th we will be having another sidewalk sale for our Ryan merchants. 

Megan and Joby Edwards were blessed with a baby boy, Joc, nearly 2 weeks ago. Congratulations to them on their new baby.

This Friday, there will be a meeting at the Mercantile to discuss Christmas decorations around town if anybody is interested in helping with that . The meeting will be held at 6:00pm.

I was riding my bicycle to make a delivery before I opened the store this morning and I noticed Debbie Patrick had moved her car a couple of times away from her usual parking place in front of the old post office building. She was parked across the street beside the Mercantile and was looking out her window across the street and I asked her what was going on. She said there was something in her parking spot and it wouldn’t move. I got a little closer and it was a really big turtle. It had taken up residence in her parking spot and was resting. She said she had tried to get it to move, but, it wouldn’t move. I got off my bicycle and got hold of a chair and tried to budge it to change its spot, but, it sure didn’t want to. It took a bite out of the end of the chair when I was trying to get it to move over to the grass. It finally was in the grass, turned over on his back, and so I told Debbie he must be tired out and so was I.  I made my delivery and after I was riding back to the store and Debbie had moved to her parking place  and she told me the turtle made it across the street and up the steps to the sidewalk in front of Jimmy Ferris’s place. I rode over to the side of the building and caught a picture of him as he was traveling. I guess he made it up the hill from the creek. (see picture below)

Kim’s news for this week:

Saturday, Ruffy Tuffy was very happy, he got a day off cause I went to a Woman’s Church Conference in Comanche. 

This past week we can’t complain, but, Praise God for the rain. 

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for each other.


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