It was a night of firsts and lasts. 

It was the first time graduates were limited on the number of guests they could invite. It was the last  night the class of 2020 would gather officially as a class. 

It was the first time the graduates had to be spaced six feet apart. It was the last time they would congregate in front of Mr. Simmons and Mr. Lunn. 

It was the first time diplomas were not handed out by the administration. It was the last time many of them will ever hear their names announced over the PA system at the Waurika  Football Field. 

It was the first time a graduation had been held so late in the year because of a world-wide pandemic. It was the last time the class of 2020 will be honored as a group. 

With all the firsts and lasts, it will possibly the most memorable graduation in Waurika’s history. 

Editor’s Note: A complete story and pictures of the Waurika and Ryan graduations will be in the July 2 Special Graduation Edition.

Graduations were delayed because of COVID-19.