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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Woods and Waters July 5 2018

Hope you had a great “4th of July” holiday and had a chance to celebrate the founding of our great nation! In doing so I also hope you had a chance to get on the water and enjoy a little fishing.

   While out casting on your favorite body of water catching bass, crappie, catfish or whatever your quarry is, hopefully you didn’t encounter any snakeheads! What is a snakehead you ask? Well, I’m going to tell you more than you probably wanted to know about them.

   Snakeheads (Family Channidae) are native to Africa and southern Asia. About 28 species have been identified. Equipped with a lung-like organ, these fish can gulp air and survive in waters with low dissolved oxygen levels. They can also live out of water for several days if they are kept moist. All snakeheads are aggressive predators and may eliminate other fish in waters they invade. They have even been known to bite humans who got too close to a guarded nest. The northern snakehead (Channa argus) is fairly cold tolerant, and could probably survive winters in many parts of the United States. This species also has the ability to cross land by wriggling or “walking” on its pectoral fins. Snakeheads have been imported to North America for the aquarium trade, and at one time were sold live in Asian-style fish markets. It’s thought that in some instances some of these live fish were released in waterways to reproduce as they are a sought after food source in Asia.

Native Bowfin

   That was prior to the Snakehead being added to the list of injurious wildlife under the Lacey Act in October 2002, which banned import and interstate transport without a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Snakeheads were sold in pet stores and in live food fish markets and some restaurants in several major U.S. cities, including Boston, New York, and St. Louis. Live specimens have been confiscated by authorities in Alabama, California, Florida, Texas, Virginia, and Washington where possession of live snakeheads is illegal. Some snakeheads living in natural waters of the U.S. may have been released by aquarium hobbyists or those hoping to establish a local food resource. Also, some cultures practice “prayer animal release”, a faith-based activity in which individuals purchase, then release, an animal (fish, amphibian, reptile, or bird) to earn merits with a deity.

You Don’t Want To Lip A Snakehead!

   Snakeheads are a freshwater fish with little, if any, tolerance for saltwater. Within their native and introduced ranges, they live in small and large streams, canals, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, and lakes. Many species can tolerate a wide range of pH, and one species living in Malaysia and parts of Indonesia prefers highly acid waters (pH 2.8-3.8). The northern snakehead and several other species prefer to live in somewhat dense aquatic vegetation where they feed and reproduce. Northern snakehead may tolerate a wide range of water temperatures and environmental conditions which contributes to their success as an invasive species.

   During all stages of their life, snakeheads compete with native species for food and habitat. A major concern is that snakeheads may out-compete and eventually displace important native or other established predatory fish that share the same habitat.  As adults, snakeheads can be voracious predators. Should snakeheads become established in North American ecosystems, their predatory behavior could also drastically disrupt food chain and ecological conditions, thus forever changing native aquatic systems by modifying the array of native species. This could be disastrous!

Northern Snakehead!

   In the summer of 2002 and again in late spring 2004, Channa argus, the northern snakehead, generated national media attention when anglers caught these fish in a pond in Maryland and, more recently, in the Potomac River in Maryland and Virginia. Fisheries scientists consider snakeheads to be invasive species because they have the potential to threaten native fish, the recreational fishing industry, and aquatic ecosystems.

   A mature northern snakehead female can carry as many as 50,000 eggs, although some will not develop and others will be eaten by insects and small fish following fertilization. Depending on water temperature, eggs can hatch in about 24-48 hours. The fish also can spawn several times a year.

   Snakeheads are easy to identify with their large mouth-full of sharp teeth, a mottled appearance much like a snake and a dorsal fin that runs back to their tail. They have a slight resemblance to the native bowfin common in our southern states but they are not related. 

   Hopefully you never run into these creatures but you can search YouTube and pull up videos of people fishing for snakehead fish in the northeast.

    But for now you don’t have to worry about swimming in Lake Waurika. Get out and enjoy our Oklahoma.

John William Henderson

November 16, 1947 – June 18, 2018

Age: 70

John was born to Herbert Guy Henderson & Sally Katherine Love in Waurika, OK. He proudly served his country in the Army during Vietnam. John owned Superior Concrete Construction for over 30 years. John was also a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and a great friend.  John was preceded in death by his parents & 2 brothers. He is survived by his wife, Shirley; daughters, Michelle Gray & fiancé Billy Gilmore; Vanessa Walker & husb. Jeff; Andrea Henderson; Jessica Henderson & fiancé June Williams; grandchildren, Zachary, Ayden, Brennan, Calen, & Jaidyn, great granddaughter, Norah & many extended family & friends. A visitation will be held at Vondel Smith Mortuary at South Lakes 4000 sw 119th st OKC, OK 73173.  Thurs. & Fri. 4-8pm with family greeting friends 6-8pm on Fri. Services to celebrate his life will be 1PM Sat June 23, 2018 at First Baptist Church of Newcaslte with burial to follow at Fairview Cemetery in Tuttle. Memorials may me made to: Veterans Corner PO BOX 722160 Norman, OK 73070. Please visit www.vondelsmithmortuary.com to leave condolences for the family.

It’s Land Evaluation Time Again


Penny Edwards, Jefferson County Assessor’s Office data collector, will begin the revaluation cycle in the Terral School District this week.  She will be doing the country first starting in the south part and then will finish in town.  She is driving a 2015 burnt orange Chevrolet Silverado  4 door pickup with the tag number FBF-793.  There are signs on her vehicle and she is carrying business cards.

Every school district in Jefferson County goes through the revaluation process once every four years.  This announcement is to make taxpayers aware that Edwards will be going from house to house in the employ of the assessor’s office.  

Edwards is checking to see if there are any new improvements or improvements that have been torn down or blown away by storms on properties that haven’t been reported by the taxpayer.  She will measure the improvements and take pictures, and this data will be entered into the assessor’s office computer.  The rate used for appraisals is set by the Oklahoma Tax Commission.  These changes will not affect 2018 taxes. But will change for the 2019 taxes.

For information call 580-228-2377 or email jeffersonassr@sbcglobal.net

Sheriff’s Report April 19 2018

Arrested 4/9/18

ACKMAN, BETTINA ROSA of Lone Grove, OK; DOB: 10/17/71;

Driving w/License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked; Careless Driving; Possession of Controlled Substance.

Arrested 4/8/18

AUSTIN, RICKY DALE of Ringling, OK; DOB: 10/25/84;

Improper Stopping; Possession of Controlled Substance.

Arrested 4/10/18

BENNETT, KIMBERLY DOLORES of Oklahoma City, OK; DOB: 1/5/81; Possession of Controlled Substance; Unlawful Possession of Paraphernalia.

Arrested 4/11/18

CROOK, DANIEL LEE of Shawnee, OK; DOB: 7/25/51; 

DUI – Liquor of Drugs/APCV; Left of Center with in 100 feet of intersection; Driving W/ License Cancelled/Suspended/ Revoked.

Arrested 4/14/18

FOWLER, HOUSTON RANDALL of Frazier Park, CA; DOB: 7/12/64; Stephens County Bench Warrant.

Arrested 4/14/18 

HICKMAN, TYLER NELSON of Wilson, OK; DOB: 4/17/96;

Failure to Carry Security Verification; Defective Vehicle; Driving W/License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked.

Arrested 4/13/18

HOWARD, MILTON LEE of Overbrook, OK; DOB 5/31/85; Warrants.

Arrested 4/13/18

IVEY, HARRELL LEE of Ryan, OK; DOB: 8/24/78; DUI -Liquor or Drugs/APCV; Failure to Wear Seat Belt. 

Arrested 4/9/18

JOHNSON, MELINDA LOUISE of Oklahoma City, OK; DOB: 8/28/83; Bench Warrant Failure to Appear and Pay on Failure to Wear Seat Belt.

Arrested 4/10/18

KIRKLAND, CHRISTOPHER LEE of Healdton, OK; DOB: 8/19/89; Unlawful Possession of Paraphernalia.

 Arrested 4/12/18

PALMER, ASHTON CHARLES of Ringling, OK; DOB: 7/24/97;

Unlawful Possession of Paraphernalia; Distribution of Controlled Substance -including Possession w/Intent.

Arrested 4/12/18

ROSE, KENNEY JOE of Marlow, OK; DOB: 11/17/59; Larceny of Merchandise from Retailer.

Arrested 4/8/18

SEARS, IVEN GLYNN of Lockesburg, AR; DOB: 5/9/64;

Bench Warrant; Failure to Pay; Warrant on Probation Violations.

Arrested 4/15/18

VAN HOUTEN, BRENDAN MATTHEW of Graham, TX; DOB: 6/30/98; Possession of Controlled Substance; Possession of Controlled Substance; Unlawful Possession of Paraphernalia; Bench Warrant for Possession of Controlled Substance.

Arrested 4/9/18

VANDERBURG, CECIL VANCE of Monahans, TX; DOB: 2/17/62;

Obtaining Merchandise by Bogus Check.

Arrested 4/11/18

VANSILL, LOYD DEAN of Duncan, OK; DOB: 11/27/64; Unlawful Possession of Anhydrous Amonia W/Intent to  Manufacture DCS-AFCF.

Westbrook News February 22 2018

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day.  We sure did here. The Trinity Holiness
Church brought each resident a beautiful flower in a vase.  We would like to thank them so much
for this.  We loved them.  Also a special thanks to the G F W C  Sorosis Club for providing our
Valentine party; they do this annually.  Ladies attending were: Rinda Griffin, Ginger Fitzgerald,
Melicia McFadden, Starr Herron, Vicki Etheridge, America Dudley, Denise Linzman,
Norma Skelton, Ann Medlinger, Gloria England, Lisa Adkins and Liz Scott.  They provided lots
of delicious foods, each resident a bag of goodies and played our favorite game Bingo with
great prizes.  We love this party and really appreciate it.
      Our Band/Family night is coming up March 1st at 5:30.  If you would like to enjoy a delicious
meal and listen to great music and singing, come join us.
      We really appreciate all of our Volunteers. Mike Bates and Ron Switzer do a Bible Study on
Mondays.  Joyce at Garrett’s Flower Shop furnishes flowers for each Birthday.  Have a blessed

4H News Roundup February 22 2018

L-R: Isaac Gholson, Jaci Gholson, Cody Ramsey, Kynlee Waters, Caity Ramsey, Kaylee Morris, and Kim Morris.

L-R: Isaac Gholson, Jaci Gholson, Cody Ramsey, Kynlee Waters, Caity Ramsey, Kaylee Morris, and Kim Morris.

The Waurika 4-H Club had a meeting last week to elect officers. Members also made Valentine’s Day Cards for the nursing home.

Junior 4-H Officers are the following: President Cody Ramsey, Vice-President Jaci Gholson, Secretary Caity Ramsey, and Treasurer Kynlee Waters. Senior 4-H Officers are President Kaylee Morris and Vice President Isaac Gholson. The 4-H leader is Kim Morris.

Upcoming events include a Culinary Club meeting on Feb. 21st and the Local Livestock Show at 1 pm on Feb. 22nd. The Jefferson County Livestock Show is March 1st-3rd. Please come out and support your local 4-H and FFA Show Team!

ATTACHED IS A PHOTO OF THE NEW OFFICERS AND LEADER. Under the photo should read, “L-R: Isaac Gholson, Jaci Gholson, Cody Ramsey, Kynlee Waters, Caity Ramsey, Kaylee Morris, and Kim Morris.”

Clovon Denise Brubaker


Clovon Denise Brubaker

June 12, 1935 – February 8, 2018

Age: 82

 Clovon Denise Brubaker, a lifelong resident of Terral, passed away Thursday morning, February 8, 2018 at United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX.  She was 82 years old.  A funeral service was held on Saturday, February 10th at 1:00 p.m. at the Terral Assembly of God Church.  Interment at Terral Cemetery.

Clovon was born June 12, 1935 in Terral, to Winford L. and Verdie “Martin” Duncan.

Survivors include 1 sister, Kay Duncan Klintworth, and husband Fred, Charleston, SC; three brothers: Clindl Duncan, Houston, TX, Clinton Duncan and wife Bertha, Terral, OK, and Tommy Duncan and wifeDebbie, Terral, OK; and many other relatives and friends.

Clovon was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, Ricky Brubaker, and two sons: Joe Brubaker and Steven Mark Brubaker. Online condolences may be sent to terralfh@pldi.net


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