The Biennial Terral All School Reunion was held on October 6th.  There were over 140  in attendance.  Thank you to Karen Duke Linton for taking pictures.  Special thanks to the Ryan Ag Boosters for catering lunch again this year.  Thank you to Mr. Fouse and Mr White for allowing Alumni to tour Terral School.  Thank you the Terral Alumni Association committee members for all of their hard work.  Thanks & appreciation to everyone who worked on getting the community center ready for the reunion.  Thank you to the News Journal & The Ryan Leader for the great coverage.

Union Valley School students: Peggy Evan’s, Avery Linton,  Norma Hofman Land, Etta Mitchell Clark,  Billy Bryant,  Henry Evan’s

Class of 1945- Peggy Thomas

1947-Bobbie Nell Weatherly, Mary Lou Feneglio

1949-Virginia Peterson Tanner

1950- Phil Davis,  Oteka Gunter Russell

1952- Opal Reynolds, James McKinley, Charlene Echols, Freta Brown, Mary Crawford

1953- Wayne Jackson, Thomas Adams, Myrtle Alsup, James Duke

1954- Billy Bryant,  Pat Anderson Wright,  Shirley Mc Donald Shelton

1955- Clifford Duke 

1956- Ken Adams,  Peggy Duke Tomerlin, Charlie Wright 

1957- Frances Delaney Pohlpeter, Barbara Williams Ray, Shirley Stoneman Roberts 

1958- Leonard Langford,  Patricia Pollan Duke

1959- Jerry Smith,  Loma Duke Wells, Peggy Evans,  Junior Lorentz

1960- Donald Wayne Duncan,  Irene Lovelace Clingenpeel, Harold Bussey

1961- Sue Stout Kirkpatrick,  Judy Smith Cartwright

1962- Glenda Sue Bussey

1963- Sue Harrison McKinley, Fred Thomas, Angie Kirby Jackson,  Anna Lee Bryant 

1964- Bill Sloan, Gail Parker, Quandel Morgan

1965- Terry Wagner, Gerald Tallon, Etta Mitchell Clark,  Sue Langford Smith,  Junior Harrison,  Cecil Duke 

1966- Ronnie Ewing, Beverly Martin Blevins 

1967- Sandy Reynolds Scully, Mary Sloan Owen’s

1968- (back row) l-r, Johnny Sloan,  Greg Williams,  Geary Don Tallon, Johnny Bright, Glen Pruett (front row l-r) Karen Gunter, Linda Duncan Harrison 

1970- Glenna Martin Gore, Jeri Smart Langford,  Joy Duncan

1971- James Pollan, Linda Smith Turner,  Patsy Pruett Deweber, Joe Butler 

1973- Billy Smart,  Manya Harrison Reid, Johnny Reynolds,  Tommy Duke 

1974- Randy Anderson,  Donna Keeling Pickens, Kim Collins, Karen Bright 

1975- Cecilia Lovelace,  Jo Keeling Smart

1976- Clinton Ray Bussey, Charlie Reynolds,  Teresa Alsup Montgomery,  Rick Cabrera

1979- Jowana Bussey Duff, Randy Harris 

1980- Barbara Reynolds Foster, Debbie Tanner

1981- Becky Fulton, Rhonda Jackson Smoot

1982- Tony Fulton 

1986- Karen Duke Linton


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