Skyler and Bayler Smith Place at Ft. Worth Show


Representing the Dennis Cattle Company of Grady, Oklahoma, Skyler and Bayler Smith placed 5th and 6th out of 11 in the open class with their Hereford heifers “Sassy” and Fallon” at the Ft Worth Stock show last week.

This was their 1st big show! Great job girls!

It’s about time for fishing season

Fishing is just around the corner, although with a temperature of 18 right now, it’s a little hard to imagine. It won’t be long however before I start  getting pictures of Houston Scott and Slade Cathey with huge bass taken from their local ponds! As warm afternoons and sunshine raise the temps, the big bass will start hanging out in the shallows.

New Heritage 40th Anniversary Tracker for $9,995.00

This really signals the beginning of fishing season and the lake bite will quickly follow. With that in mind it’s time to start getting your fishing rig ready to go. We discussed a few weeks ago about working on your tackle during this down time but now you need to concentrate on your boat.

After being winterized and stored for a few months, we need to do a complete check; batteries, controls, electrical and have the engine serviced, including oil change. Hopefully, making that first trip to your favorite spot trouble-free.

It doesn’t matter if your ride is a $40,000 bass boat, Jon boat, pontoon or your family pleasure boat as long as you get out and enjoy our Waurika Lake.

A lot of you may not remember, but in the early 70’s, “bass boats” existed, but not as we know them now. They were small, around 14ft and very narrow to have access to brushy shoreline areas. They were driven from the bow seat using a stick drive, which took a little practice to get used to!

Skeeter Boats, I believe, was the first to manufacture what would be known as a bass boat.


The First Bass Tracker in 1978

The earliest of what could truly be called a bass boat is credited to Holmes Thurman who founded the Skeeter Boat Company of Liberty, Texas in 1948.

The first Skeeter boats were part flat-bottomed jonboat and part powerboat. The name came from the appearance of its distinct bow. Thurman thought it looked like a mosquito. Made from molded plywood, the first Skeeters rapidly became popular with Texas and Louisiana anglers.

Skeeter began building improved fiberglass models in the early 1950’s. The 1961 Skeeter Hawk was one of the first mass produced fiberglass bass boats available.

The basics of the modern bass boat came together for the first time; more hydrodynamic hull design, swivel fishing chairs, bow mounted electric motor, and rod holders. Not quite a Wright Brothers to space shuttle difference but close.

As anyone knows, if you wanted a boat of any kind in the 1970’s, you went to the dealer of your choice, picked out the model you wanted and then decided what kind of motor and other accessories you wanted on the boat and paid them to rig it out.

The first boat of this type I bought was from Lakey’s Marine in Wichita Falls in 1975. I can’t remember the brand but it was a 14ft green and white fiberglass boat that was so narrow that sitting in the bow seat you could rest your hands on the gunnels without reaching! Rigged with a 25hp Johnson motor, I thought it was the cat’s meow.

The First Bass Boat

That all changed in 1978 when Johnny Morris introduced the first “Bass Tracker”, the industry’s first fully accessorized, ready-to-fish boat, motor and trailer package at an unheard-of nationally published price of $2,995 and advertised it in their fishing catalog. The boat was an instant hit; I remember seeing my first tied up at my friends dock on Lake Arrowhead in 1979 – I was impressed! Then in 1982, TRACKER Boats opened its first plant in Lebanon, MO. It was dedicated solely to the manufacture of TRACKER fishing boats. In 1988, the company’s custom boat trailer factory opened in Ozark, MO. Each trailer is factory matched, custom fit, sized and color coordinated to the boat it will carry. In 2008, TRACKER Boats celebrated 30 years as the #1 builder of aluminum fishing boats, and as the acknowledged leader in innovative aluminum boat technology. Today, Tracker still builds some of the best, most affordable fishing boats in the nation.

There are a lot of great bass boat/fishing boats out there these days for you and your family’s enjoyment, hope this gives you an idea of how it all got started! Get in one and get out and enjoy your great Oklahoma outdoors!

Jefferson County Commissioner Minutes April 9 2018




Ty Phillips, Chairman

Bryce Bohot, Vice Chairman

Ricky Martin, Member

Chairman Phillips called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Traci Smith acknowledged that proper notice was given on April 6, 2018 at 8:50 a.m. and the agenda was posted on the bulletin board outside the courthouse and posted on the first-floor bulletin board.

Others present:

Marcey Howell, Commissioners Secretary

Emily Follis, County Treasurer

Kim Berry, Court Clerk

Jeremie Wilson, Co Sheriff

Jimmie Williams, Undersheriff

Josh Phillips, Bruckner’s 

Jimmy Gallaher, JCEM

Chris Snow, Jeff Co Health Dept.

Tara Brown, OSU Educator

Derek Durbin, 911 Coordinator

Tammy Richardson, Election Sec

Sandra Watkins, Assessor

Martin made the motion to Approve Regular Meeting Minutes held on April 2, 2018. Second: Bohot.  Aye Votes: Phillips/Bohot/Martin.  Motion Approved.

Phillips made the motion to Approve Claims and 4 Blanket Purchase Orders.  Second: Bohot.  Aye Votes:  Martin/Bohot/Phillips. Motion Approved.

Bohot made motion to Approve Monthly Report from Officers and Monthly Consumable Report for Districts.  Second:  Phillips.  Aye Votes; Martin/Bohot/Phillips.  Motion Approved. 

Bohot made motion to Approve District #1 Transfer of Funds from accounts T-1A PS in the amount of $20,000.00, T2A in the amount of $40,000.00, T2B Rentals in the amount of $10,000.00, and T-6 Workers Compensation in the amount of $40,000.00 and transfer to T-3 Capital Outlay in the amount of $110,000.00.

Second:  Martin. Aye Votes:  Phillips/Bohot/Martin.  Motion Approved. 

Bohot made motion to Approve Opening Bid # 876 for a 2018 or Newer Truck Tractor for District #1 and approve vendors as follows:

Bruckner’s Truck 4520 NW Freeway, Wichita Falls TX 76306 2019 Mack Truck $118,929.00 DECLINED

Premier Truck P O Box 1867, Ardmore OK  73401 2019 Freightliner 122SD $116,950.00 DECLINED

Summit Truck 5549 Chuzy Dr, Wichita KS  67219 2018 Mack Truck CHU613 $104,523.00 ACCEPTED

Second:  Martin.  Aye Votes:  Phillips/Bohot/Martin.  Motion Approved. 

No Action on how Deductible Fund account is Funded and possible use of fund to pay loss from the first dollar on claim # SWC181170 for Sheriffs Dept Unit #41 2014 Ford Explorer.

Bohot made motion to Disapprove the use of $10,000.00 from the Deductible fund account for the deductible on Insurance Claim SWC181170 for Sheriff’s Department Unit #41 Ford Explorer.  Second;  Philips.  Aye Votes:  Martin/Bohot/Phillips.  Motion Disapproved. 

No Action regarding Generator Tabled from 3-26-2018 Meeting;

No Action Renew Contract with AT&T on temporary basis Tabled from 3-26-2018 meeting;

Review monthly report of Co Treasurer to State Auditor and Inspector for the month of March 2018;

Phillips made motion to Approve Assessor’s Office to be closed on Friday May 11, 2018 to attend Southwest District Assessor’s Meeting in Cordell, OK.  Second; Bohot.  Aye Votes:  Martin/Bohot/Phillips.  Motion Approved. 

Bohot made motion to Approve purchase of Vaccine refrigerator monitoring system.  Second:  Phillips.  Aye Votes:  Martin/Bohot/Phillips.  Motion Approved. 

Tabled District #2 Lease Agreement with ODOT for the purchase of 2018 John Deere 6110M Cab Tractor w/Tiger Boom Mower through ODOT County Road Machinery and Equipment Revolving Fund.

Tabled 324-A Claim for District #2 purchase of 2018 John Deere 6110M Cab Tractor w/Tiger Boom Mower through ODOT County Road Machinery and Equipment Revolving Fund to Deere and Company for the amount of $135,000.00;

Martin made motion to Adjourn at 11:00 a.m. Second:  Bohot.  Aye Votes:  Phillips/Bohot/Martin.  Motion Approved. 

Minutes taken by Traci Smith


Ty Phillips, Chairman Bryce Bohot, Vice Chairman Ricky Martin, Member

ATTEST:  Traci Smith, County Clerk

Hastings Receives REAP Grant for 2018


Sue Bridges, Town of Hastings Clerk-Treasurer

Glenda Hood, Town of Hastings Mayor

Ronnie Ward, Executive Director of the Association of South Central Oklahoma Governments


The Hastings REAP grant of $45,000 will be used to repair and resurface a total of 3.35 miles of town streets that are in dire need of repair.


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