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Ricky Martin Seeks Another Term as District 3 Commissioner


He’s completing his second term as the District 3 County Commissioner and looks forward to another one if elected. 

In a recent interview, he was asked about what he felt like was the greatest accomplishments over the past four years and he quickly responded “the equipment we have paid for and the roads we have built.” 

He said that recently they have received quite a bit of help from the Comanche Tribe with the roads. “They are talking about maybe finishing the roads going on into town (Ryan).”

He wanted to address the concern that he wasn’t getting enough REAP Grants. “I’m trying to get all the money for the county that I can. It’s not easy, plus you have to match the funds you get in a REAP Grant.”

Martin said that some have even complained about him working on the weekends and after hours. 

“I do it because it helps us to stay caught up. Plus I like doing it. I like working.”

Martin believes that the hours of a county commissioner are 24-7. 

“If you get a call about a flood or a road damage you have to go when called. It’s not just an eight hour a day job.”

 Martin has lived in Terral his whole life.

“Except for the two years  I was in the army.”

Before becoming the county commissioner of District 3 he had driven a truck for a living. 

What he has enjoyed the most is the getting to know and help the people of his district. 

He says that being commissioner is a good job. He acknowledged that the pay is not that much, but he enjoys the work. 

During the next term he wants to rock more roads and clean up more of the ditches along the side of the road. 

He has some ideas about saving money.

When they get all of the equipment paid for he would like to see the district get some newer trucks. 

He’s also proud of the new county barn. It was built with a $45,000 REAP Grant and local volunteers and of course the county hands. 

Rash Barrett loaned the county the track hoe to set the beams.

David England loaned them some equipment.

Tony Rodriquez helped by welding the beams.

Ty Phillips came down and helped. 

Martin says that they have good hands working in District 3. 

His goal is to finish all the current projects before the end of the year. 

County Commissioner Minutes from the November 1 Special Meeting




Ricky Martin, Chairman

Ty Phillips, Vice Chairman

Bryce Bohot, Member

Chairman Martin called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

Traci Smith acknowledged that proper notice was given on October 30, 2017 at 9:25 a.m. and the agenda was posted on the bulletin board outside the courthouse and posted on the first-floor bulletin board.

Others present:

Marcey Howell, Commissioners Secretary

Sandra Watkins, Co Assessor

Jeremie Wilson, Co Sheriff

Jimmy D Williams, Deputy Sheriff

Lee Aston, Undersheriff

Tammy Richardson, Election Board Secretary

Bohot made the motion to Approve Meeting Minutes for October 23, 2017. Second:  Phillips.  Aye Votes: Martin/Bohot/Phillips.  Motion Approved.

Tabled Discussion/Action on a Resolution opening and maintaining, as a public highway in District #3, that portion of the section lying between Section 21 and Section 28, Township 7 South, Range 7 West, I.M., Jefferson County, Oklahoma, beginning on the western boundary of the easement for U.S. Highway 81 and extending to the eastern boundary of Section 29, Township 7 South, Range 7 West, I.M., Jefferson County, Oklahoma

Bohot made motion to Approve Declaration of Surplus Inventory D304.16 2007 John Deere 6415 Comfort Vantage Cab Tractor to sell in CED Auction @ Mike Graham Auctioneer’s site.  Marlow OK.  Saturday, December 2, 2017 and required Circuit Engineering District Auction Policies form AP-100.  The tractor was originally purchased with a mower.  Surplus tractor only.  The mower will be given an inventory number after the tractor sells. Second:  Martin.  Aye Votes:  Phillips/Bohot/Martin. Motion Approved.

Martin made motion to Approve Steel Beam Transfer form from ODOT for the following two Jefferson County District #3 Bridge Projects:  Project NHPPY-234N (043) SS, J/P #29577(04)m US 81 over Unnamed Creek and Project NHPPY-234N(041), J/P29566(04), US 81 over Hackberry Creek; Second:  Bohot.  Aye Votes:  Phillips/Bohot/Martin.  Motion Approved.

Martin made motion to Approve 324-A Claim to Pinnacle Consulting Management Group, Inc. for Right of Way Services ending 8/31/17 for District #3 Road Project Noble Wray Phase II, J/P #29914(04), in the amount of $18,900.00.  Second:  Bohot/Martin/Phillips.  Motion Approved.

Martin made motion to Approve 324-A Claim to Pinnacle Consulting Management Group, Inc. for Right of Way Services ending 9/30/17 for District #3 Road Project Noble Wray Phase II, J/P #29914(04), in the amount of $5,850.00.  Second:  Bohot.  Aye Votes:  Phillips/Bohot/Martin. Motion Approved.

Bohot made motion to Approve Qualified Vendors and Open Bids #871 as follows:

D1          D2            D3

Sooner Star, 6492 Tribble Rd Ringling OK  73456  $10.75   $13.50      $ 9.75

J.R. Thompson, 3500 N Grand Ave,

Gainesville TX 73548                                          $13.75   $10.75     $11.00

England Construction, P O Box 268,

Waurika OK 73573                                              $10.00   $ 9.00     $ 9.00

Accepted England Construction on opening Bid #871-Hauling of Road Materials for Districts #123.  Second Phillips.  Aye Votes:  Martin/Bohot/Phillips.  Motion Approved.

Discussion on 6 and 12 month bids, No Action

Bohot made motion to Approve Resolution to remove Dave Morris from Requisitioning officer for District #1 due to him resigning and adding Larry Etheridge as requisitioning officer for District #1.  Second:  Phillips.  Aye Votes:  Martin/Bohot/Phillips.  Motion Approved.

Martin made motion to Adjourn at 10:50 a.m. Second:  Bohot.  Aye Votes:  Phillips/Bohot/Martin.  Motion Approved.

Minutes taken by Traci Smith


Ricky Martin, Chairman

Ty Phillips, Vice Chairman

Bryce Bohot, Member

ATTEST:  Traci Smith, County Clerk

2019 Jeffco Livestock Show Highlight Video

Jeffco Livestock Show Highlight Video

A special thanks to Tyler Plant for producing, filming, and editing this video.

Helping Hands Food Pantry News


The JeffCo Helping Hands Food Pantry Board of Directors has been assisting this summer with the summer reading program at the Waurika Library. The food the library uses each Thursday does not come from the pantry itself. Rather, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma (RFBO) provides balanced meals through a special grant and does not take away from the food given twice a month. The RFBO recognizes for thousands of children, the end of school means months of wondering whether or not they will have enough food to eat.  Thanks to support from the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, the United States Department of Agriculture, the Oklahoma Department of Education and the community, children 18 and under can receive nutritious meals and/or snacks through the Regional Food Bank’s Summer Feeding Program at more than 130 locations in 31 central and western Oklahoma counties, and Waurika is one of those locations. We only use the food from RFBO’s program because we live in a community where the other four days are covered by other various groups and individuals. The board would also like to note that the pantry is open on the Friday following the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Each household may pick up food once a month. For families or individuals who are picking up food for the first time each calendar year a valid ID and proof of residence in Jefferson country will be required when filling out paperwork. JeffCo Helping Hands Pantry is a Client Choice Pantries are completely centered around the client and their individual and/or family needs. Clients are not given a pre-made box of food items that frequently contains products they do not like, cannot eat due to health or religious reasons, or do not know how to prepare. Rather, in this method clients have the ability to choose which food items they want, much the same way as you decide what you would like to eat when you shop at the grocery store. It is more cost effective, prevents waste, treats clients with dignity and ensures they are receiving the items they need and will eat. JeffCo Helping Hands Pantry exists as a non-profit ran by volunteers and its purpose is to provide a supplement of food for residents of Jefferson Country who find themselves in need. This is a supplemental food program and is not designed to meet all the nutritional needs of a person or family.  When determining the amounts of food given, we take into account the size of the family and the ages of those in the household. While pantry’s goal is to have enough food to supplement the needs of all who come, in the event that we run out of food on a particular day the pantry will close until the following scheduled distribution time. We will allow others to pick up food for neighbors and those who are shut-in at the discretion of the reception volunteers as long as the person who is getting food picked up on their behalf is already registered with the pantry and a note is sent. JeffCo Helping Hands receives funding from businesses, corporate and private foundations, civic organizations, religious groups, participating agencies, and individuals. Therefore, they are limited in their resources based on giving of these entities. The board is always looking for volunteers to come and help on truck delivery days and food distribution days. For more information on volunteering or how you can help financially please email the pantry at jeffcohhfoodpantry@gmail.com. 

Terral Receives REAP Grant for 2018


Vincente Villarreal, Town of Terral Mayor

Ronnie Ward, Executive Director of ASCOG


The Terral REAP grant of $45,00 will be used to install new water meter to customers. The current meters are obsolete and do not reflect an accurate accounting of water usage.


Caitlyn Ramsey Selected as Princess


Caitlyn Ramsey (left) was named the 2018 National Miniature Hereford Breeders

Association princess. Caitlyn Ramsey’s parents are Casey and Ruslyn Ramsey.

Caitlyn Ramsey, a 5th grader from Waurika was named the 2018 National Miniature Hereford Breeders Association princess. To compete, Caitlyn had to submit an application along with her resume, answer an essay question and send a head and shoulder picture of herself. She, along with 6 other girls were then judged on their submissions by 2 non Mini Hereford breeders and 1 Mini Hereford breeder. To be a princess you must be between the ages of 10 and 14 and have Miniature Hereford cattle in your name as well as attend/show at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO. and Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals which will be held this year in Kearney, NE. The Miniature Hereford Breeders Association has always had a queen, but this year the queen coordinator added the princess title. “There are many young kids showing this breed and it’s time they were represented along with the older kids. By having a princess, it shows the younger girls that they too are leaders and someone to look up too.” Caitlyn along with queen Sarah Potter of Silverton, OR were crowned Jan. 20th in Denver at the annual MHBA banquet. Congratulations Caitlyn!

Hastings Receives REAP Grant for 2018


Sue Bridges, Town of Hastings Clerk-Treasurer

Glenda Hood, Town of Hastings Mayor

Ronnie Ward, Executive Director of the Association of South Central Oklahoma Governments


The Hastings REAP grant of $45,000 will be used to repair and resurface a total of 3.35 miles of town streets that are in dire need of repair.

Skyler and Bayler Smith Place at Ft. Worth Show


Representing the Dennis Cattle Company of Grady, Oklahoma, Skyler and Bayler Smith placed 5th and 6th out of 11 in the open class with their Hereford heifers “Sassy” and Fallon” at the Ft Worth Stock show last week.

This was their 1st big show! Great job girls!