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Waurika City Hall News

Candidates File for Local Offices

 The deadline for filing for office in this year’s elections was this past Friday afternoon at 5pm. 

Four filed for seats on the Waurika City Commission. 

Two of those candidates Jacob Eck and Henry Lara are seeking re-election. Eck and Lara both drew opponents.

Also filing for a seat on the Waurika City Commission are James Terry and Rickey Porterfield.

In the race for county commissioner Rickey Martin drew two opponents. Rickey will be running for re-election against Kenneth Blevins and Macey Lovett. 

Bryce Bohot did not draw an opponent in his bid for re-election as a commissioner in District 1. 

Nobody filed to run against Sandra Watkins for the office of County Assessor. 

Emily Follis will also run unopposed for her re-election bid for the office of County Treasurer. 

Jefferson County’s Associate District Judge, Dennis Gay, did not draw an opponent. 

District Attorney, Jason Hicks, is also unopposed. 

State Rep. Marcus McEntire will return to his seat in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, Dist. 50, without having to face a challenger. 

November City Council Meeting Interesting Results


The City of Waurika held their regularly scheduled meeting Monday evening at 6:00 pm, November 6, 2017.

All members of the council were present.

The minutes of the meeting held October 9 2017 were approved.

It was voted that the property insurance bids would be sent out to be renewed February 2, 2018.

Because the city is receiving Federal Funds the city has to adopt Ordinance Number 11032017-1 (see below), amending Section 1-12 of Article 2, City Commission, Chapter 1 to include gender identity and disability in the nondiscrimination clause.

The council approved the 2018 Waurika City Commission meeting schedule. The only change being that the June meeting will be held on Thursday, June 7th, 2018.

Next, the council voted to approve the 2018 Holiday Dates (Christmas will still be on the 25th of December).

Christmas bonuses for each full time employee in the amount of $100.00 was approved.

The various departments submitted their reports.

Street Department

Virgil Duncan reported that he read water meters, unloaded trailers of trash at the street barn, and loaded roll-offs with trash.

He moved various barricades.

Virgil also took bricks out of the road at the alley on Broadway and reinstalled bricks after the gas company laid a new gas line.

He also repaired the pot holes with asphalt; 4 in the 100 block of East G street, 2 in the 400 block of Ash, 4 in the 200 block of East H. street, and 1 in the 600 block of Florida.

Purchases and claims in the amount of $42,521.93 were approved.

The city also spent $307,813.00 of FEMA money.  $1,375.00 was also approved in interest payments from the Waurika Special Revenue Fund.

The financial reports submitted by RS Meacham were approved.

No new business was discussed.

Immediately following the Waurika Council Meeting the Waurika Public Works Authority (WPWA) began it’s regularly scheduled meeting.

Acting City Manager Brad Scott reported that the city Water Plant is being maintained and the employees working at the plant are receiving additional training.

Toni from Evoqua came towards the end of the month of October and gave tremendous help and guidance with repairing and maintaining the plant equipment.

Glenn Roberts reported that the Water Department has had a busy and stressful month. However, they have accomplished quite a bit and have learned much from Toni from Evoqua.

He reports that many of the valves need to be rebuilt and the stainless steel 6” pipes under the filters used for the CIP cleans need to be replaced.

There are some mechanical items that will need to be replaced or repaired. Money that had been allocated for sewage may have to be diverged to spend the necessary money (approximately $3,000.00) to complete the needed maintenance.

Purchase orders and claims in the amount of  $58,965.73 were approved.

RS Meacham submitted a financial report for WPWA that was approved.

Under New Business the council approved the spending of approximately $3,000.00 to replace the valves at the Waurika Water Plant.

Waurika Development Trust Meets to Discuss Ideas for Waurika’s Future

On Monday February 12 , The Waurika Development Trust invited a group of local residents to discuss ways we could make Waurika a more attractive place to live.  The group will take the discussion to various clubs and organizations over the next several months for input and will report back to the Trust with a recommended plan of action. Craig Williams from Williams Landscape in Lawton was invited to talk about his suggestions for some improvements the group could do now that would make an impact and also provided some ideas for longer-term and larger improvements.

Jacob Eck and Lauren Nitschke represented the Waurika Chamber of Commerce to discuss a grant application they are preparing that would bring a group of architecture students from OU to Waurika to make recommendations for longer-term improvements to Main Street.

The group is eager to meet with the community and get additional suggestions and input.

Waurika Chamber Banquet This Saturday


The Waurika Chamber of Commerce will hold their annual banquet on Saturday, February 24th at the Waurika High School Cafeteria beginning at 6:30 pm.

Tickets are on sale now for only $15.00 each and can be purchased at First Farmers Bank in Waurika.

Catering the food this year will be the Duncan Regional Hospital.

Bill Roberson and his band Southern Rain will be the featured guest providing entertainment for the evening. Joining them will be Missy Fry.

Waurika City Wide Cleanup April 21 2018

We need groups to volunteer their time cleaning up residential areas including limb and debris removal tree trimming, mowing, etc. Any equipment such as trailers, mowers, weed eaters, etc would be a tremendous help. We will supply work gloves, trash bags, bottled water and work vests.

Earth Day is a perfect chance to get out and put a little love into your town!

During this time residents will be able to dump limbs behind the street barn and tires in front of the street barn located in the 800 block of Meridian. 

Waurika Approves New Budget

The 7.5% increase in water may not be popular, but according the City Commissioners it’s necessary to keep the books balanced. 

In other business the commissioners opened the floor for discussion about the budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year. 

There had been some questions about the way the categories were identified within the budget. The explanation was that all city councils across the nation must layout their budget in six categories using Governmental Accounting Standards. 

The six categories are Personal Services, Materials and Supplies, Other Services and Charges (utilities, insurance, etc), Capital Outlay, Debt Service and Transfers.

Oklahoma is the only state that does not allow cities to levy ad valorem taxes without a vote of the people. 

Therefore cities are limited on how they can raise money.

The budget is a conservative one. The city is anticipating lower revenues. 

For instance the budget for the upcoming year projects that revenue will only be around $665,000. Last year the city brought in around $686,000. In the 2016-17 budget the city brought in $711,972.

As far as expenses are concerned, it is anticipated that the city may incur $92,000 more in expenses than last year. 

RS Meacham (the accounting firm Waurika uses) explained that none of the municipalities that they work with comparable to the size of Waurika are able to support themselves from their sales and use taxes alone and must make up the balance through their water revenue. Thus the increase in water rates. 

In other business, the city renewed their agreement with RS Meacham and Associates for monthly accounting, payroll and bookkeeping services. 

The council also renewed the lease agreement with A&A WindPros Inc. for the former Elliott’s building for one year at $500 per month/$6000 annually. 

Purchase Orders and Claims for the General Fund in the amount of $19,315.30 were approved.

Purchase Orders and Claims for the WPWA in the amount of $46,545.83 were approved.


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