The July 8th regular meeting of the Waurika City Commissioners was lightly attended. 

One of the first things decided on was the use of the future REAP Grant funds to be used to chip and seal the road that circles the Elementary School. 

According to those present, it has been awhile since the road was resurfaced. 

Next, the commissioners adopted their Five Year Plan. The plan is required in order to apply for a REAP Grant. 

The interlocal agreement with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department for Dispatch Services in the amount of $3,027.20 per month was approved. This agreement must be approved annually. 

The contract with A&A Wind Pro to lease property with Waurika was approved. 

Bids were opened for the 1983 Chevy Truck belonging to the Waurika Fire Department, which had been declared as surplus. The highest bid of $1,100.00 was accepted. 

Bids were opened for a surplus declared 2008 John Deer Mower. The bid for $300.00 was accepted. 

Bids for the unused rolls of insulation that had previously been declared as surplus by the City of Waurika were opened. The highest bid was in the amount of $750.00. It was accepted. 

The commissioners approved a new digital camera system for the new police patrol vehicle in the amount of $3,280.00. 

Claims in the amount of $32,701.79 for the City of Waurika were approved. 

It was reported that 25 loads of leftover millings from the road work on Hwy 70 east of Waurika was donated to the City of Waurika. 

Acting City Manager reported that work continues on the Presbyterian Church. 

Code enforcement continues, according to  City Clerk, Michael Bryant. Currently there are 19 properties in the process of being cleaned up. There are 25 more that will be brought into the process in the near future. 

It is a slow tedious process but it will pay off in the future says Bryant.

The City of Waurika now hired a new police officer. His name is Matt Peck. There will be an article in an upcoming issue about him and his experience. 

One of the main concerns the police department faces is the break ins and thefts that have been occurring on the north side of town.

 In other business, Commissioner Henry Lara suggested that the police officers write down the street lights they  notice out at night so PSO can be contacted about repairing them the next day. 

The Go Bonds, funds which have already been approved, the revenue of which comes in from the bond, in the amount of $40,255.31 were approved. 

The financial report by RS Meacham was accepted and approved. 

Overall it has been a good year for the city financially. One of the reasons is the revenue generated by the pipeline company temporarily operating in Waurika. 

Commissioner Bill Everett complimented acting manager Brad Scott for his management. He said he could remember the shape the city was in before Brad took back over. 

There being no new business, the Waurika City Commissioner  meeting was adjourned. 

After a short break, the commissioners reconvened to conduct the business of the Waurika Public Works Authority (WPWA).

The minutes from the previous meetings were approved. 

Bids on the John Deer D140 Mower were opened. The Mower only has 60 hours on it.  No bids were accepted.  

The city purchased a new $800.00 air compressor for the water department. 

Claims in the amount of $55,353.85 for the WPWA were approved. 

Next, the finincial report from RS Meacham was approved. 

There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned.