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Senior Profile: Kaci Reynolds


How do you feel about your last year?

 I feel as if I am nervous and scared.

What Activities/Organizations have you participated in? 

I have participated in track, cheer, cross country, basketball, softball, and yearbook.

What are your plans for the future? 

I want to attend college and get my masters in psychology.

Favorite memory at WHS? 

Honestly, I don’t have a favorite, they are all so good.

What teacher or class has best prepared you? 

The class that best prepared me was English, because it helped prepare me for college the most.

Give advice to an underclassman?:

 “Realize that everyone is growing and changing and starting new chapters in their life; this is new for everyone, so in the meantime take chances, laugh at yourself, and most importantly enjoy now.”

Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my Mimi. She was my go-to all throughout high school, and I will forever be thankful.

What fears do you have about leaving? 

My one big fear is leaving my hometown. I don’t like change.

What are you going to miss most about being at WHS?

 I am going to miss everything about WHS.

What lessons have you learned from previous classes (class of 2020, etc)?

 I have learned a lot, I promise, but it all goes in one ear and out the other.

What event did/do you most look forward to this year?

 I look forward to all football games, and I pray everyday we at least get a few games.

Do you have any regrets? 

Not taking the ACT early enough!

Senior Profile: Cache Dunn


How do you feel about your last year?

I’m not ready for it to be over.

What Activities/Organizations have you participated in? 

Cross Country, Basketball, Track

What are your plans for the future? 

I want to run track in college.

Favorite memory at WHS? 

Being state runner-up in track.

What teacher or class has best prepared you? 

Mrs. Allen’s class.

Give advice to an underclassman?:

Don’t grow up, be a kid for as long as you can.

Who would you like to thank?

Coach Masoner and my family

What fears do you have about leaving? 

Becoming an adult.

What are you going to miss most about being at WHS?

My friends

What lessons have you learned from previous classes (class of 2020, etc)?

Cherish every moment because it goes by fast

What event did/do you most look forward to this year?

I’m most excited for the 800m dash.

Do you have any regrets? 

Not taking running seriously from a younger age.

Beautiful Day Comes to Waurika


Beautiful Day Birthday Program is coming to Waurika! The birthday program is scheduled to start in September 2020. 

Beautiful Day Foundation was founded by Leah Miller and Michele Johnson in Duncan, Oklahoma. Beautiful Day’s original mission began with a simple statement to elementary school age kids: “The day you were born was a BEAUTIFUL DAY. Your life and existence is worthy of being celebrated.” Beautiful Day Foundation is passionate about telling children this important message. They want kids to know that they are seen and loved by the community they call home. 

 Each month, Beautiful Day volunteers from the local community show up to celebrate children with birthdays in that month. They sit with them and get to know them. Volunteers ask questions about what they want to be when they grow up, encourage students and let them know, “The day you were born was a beautiful day!” Each local chapter fundraises within the community and recruits volunteers to help create these truly special events.

The Beautiful Day Waurika chapter is run by Lindsey Forst and Elizabeth Scott. Beautiful Day Foundation currently has chapters in schools throughout the state of Oklahoma.  To learn more about Beautiful Day, make a donation or sign up to volunteer, please visit their website: beautifuldayfoundation.net.”

For more information contact:

Lindsey Forst 405-503-3066

Elizabeth Scott 580-512-7967

Waurika Hosts Honor Band Tryouts


Last Wednesday, November 14th Waurika High School hosted the tryouts for SCOBDA Honor Band for schools Class B through 3A.  In Honor Band, students audition using a specific piece of music, and the top students are selected to make up a band.   This band, made up of students from all over south-central Oklahoma, then meets for a 2-day music clinic with a guest director, and perform a concert at the end of the clinic.

This is the third year for WHS to host the SCOBDA Honor Band auditions.  When speaking with Band Director Everett Hodges, he stated he thought this year went great.  “We had 9 students qualify, 4 of which in High School, 3 junior high qualifiers, and 2 seventh grade band members. There were roughly 500 kids in attendance during the auditions, from about 20 different schools,” Hodges mentioned.   He also noted how appreciative he was to WHS and its faculty for making the auditions run smoothly each year. 

Students qualifying from Waurika were:  7th graders Alexia Henry (flute) and Trish Julian (trumpet), 8th grader Hannah Lamons (trumpet); freshmen Kaytlyn Williams (flute) and Mallory Adkins (flute); sophomores Hope Cummings, Regena Bradley, Brooklyn Barnes (all clarinet), and senior Emily Waid (baritone).  

The SCOBDA, or South-Central Oklahoma Band Director’s Association, Honor Band clinic will take place January 11-12 in Marietta, with both jr high and high school concerts taking place on Saturday the 12th.

Waurika FFA Participates in Fair and Reads to Elementary Students


This month the Waurika FFA has been very busy! Members have participated in the Jefferson County Free Fair, Ag in the Classroom Reading Program, and the officer team attended the 2019 C.O.L.T. conference. Several members attended all activities. The Ag in the Classroom activity consisted of Waurika Ag. Education students reading to the classes at Waurika Elementary School. Everyone had a great time and are ready to continue being active. 

Winners in the tractor driving contest: (l-r) Evan Davis(Waurika FFA), Cody Ramsey (Waurika FFA), Caden Dobbs (Waurika FFA) 
Chloe Adkins reading to students at the Waurika Elementary
Isaac Gholson reading to students at Waurika Elementary

Cody Simmons Reflects on the Transition from Principal to Superintendent


Although he began his student teaching in Waurika back in 2004, his history with Waurika schools goes back further than that. 

His family have deep roots in Jefferson County. 

After beginning his student teaching, he was hired soon thereafter in January of 2005 as the second grade teacher at the Elementary. 

For the past eight years he has served as the Elementary Principal. 

By now, everyone is probably aware that Cody Simmons is the new Waurika Public Schools Superintendent beginning July of this year. 

Over the past couple of weeks the reality of the role has sunk in. 

He says he has been getting more familiar with the high school.

Cody said he recently met with the high school principal and the athletic director. 

He is becoming more familiar with the high school.

The adjustment for him will be managing the overall school system rather than just the Elementary. 

He says he is looking forward to the new experience. 

Simmons says that one of his expectations for the upcoming year is to close the gap between the Elementary and the High School. 

He would like to see the school system be more of a whole than separate parts (Elementary, Middle School, and High School).

During his time as principal, the Elementary has achieved “Blue Ribbon” status. 

That status is determined by the test scores over three consecutive years. 

Simmons is a busy man.


Besides being a full time school administrator, he also enjoys mowing yards, working out, and most of all spending time with his family. 

He says right now they are enjoying ball games several nights per week. 

Simmons is also deeply involved in the community.

He was instrumental in the establishment of the Veterans Park downtown. 

He is quick to give credit to others who have assisted in the success of the park. 

Craig Williams, he says was gracious to add his professional touch to the landscaping. 

Simmons also attributes the success of the Elementary, including its “Blue Ribbon” status, to the hard work and dedication of the teachers. 

“I feel like the teachers here are all high quality enthusiastic professional teachers. Whenever you surround yourself with [people like ] that good things will happen,” Simmons says .

Waurika Head Start Enrollment


The Waurika Head Start program is now taking applications for the 2018-2019 school year. We serve children who are 3 & 4 years old by September 1, 2018. Please Apply at 803 Phillips Ave. by May 18th!

You will need to bring the following items with you to apply: Birth Certificate, Shot Record, Soonercare or Private Insurance Information, Proof of Income, Social Security numers for everyone in the home, Proof of disability (if applicable), Proof that your receive TANF or SSI (If applicable) For more information please call: 580-228-2810 or 580-726 3343

Senior Profile: Savana Ritter


How do you feel about your last year?

I’m sad that it’s almost over, but excited for the future.

What Activities/Organizations have you participated in? 

XC, Track, Basketball.

What are your plans for the future? 

Go to college, be successful.

Favorite memory at WHS? 

My favorite memory is going to track.

What teacher or class has best prepared you? 

Coach Jessie, because it’s a lot of hard work.

Give advice to an underclassman?:

Don’t take things too seriously.

Who would you like to thank?

My family and friends. 

What fears do you have about leaving? 

Not making someone of myself.

What are you going to miss most about being at WHS?

Being around my friends and teachers.

What lessons have you learned from previous classes (class of 2020, etc)?

Avoid drama.

What event did/do you most look forward to this year?

I’m most looking forward to senior prom.

Do you have any regrets? 

Not trying to make friends until this year.

Senior Profile: Madison Roberson


 1) How do you feel about it being your last year?

I’m excited, but sad at the same time.

2) Sum up your school experience.

I moved here as a freshman and have felt at home ever since. 

3) Activities/Organizations you have participated in?

FFA for 4 years, Student Council 2 years, NHS For 3, OHS for 3, Gifted and Talented for 1 year, Basketball for 4 years, track for 4 years, cross country for 4 years, cheer for 1 year, softball for 4 years and film for 2 years.

4) Plans for the future?

My plans are to go to college to be a radiology tech and to grow up and be happy.

5) Favorite memory at WHS?

“Poopgate 2016” @LJ’s.  

6) What teacher has prepared you? 

Mrs. Hodges, I’d be lost without her.

7) Give advice to an underclassman.

Be outgoing, don’t be afraid. Everything will be okay, don’t stress!  WHS has your back.

8) Is there anyone you want to thank?

My basketball girls from present to past. Y’all have made my years so fun. I love each girl who steps onto the floor with me.

9) Do you have a fear about leaving?

No, I feel prepared for what is to come.

10) Are you going to miss being at WHS?

More than you can imagine! I love so many people here. This is my family and I’m not in a huge rush to leave them.

Motivational Speaker Nick Moore Visits School


On September 26, motivational speaker Nick Moore visited WMS and WHS to speak to the student body. Moore’s speech focused mainly on motivation and to never give up. Moore, 47, spoke passionately about reaching your goals and striving to be the very best you can be.

Moore, from Wichita Falls, Texas, visits 65-80 schools a year to spread his message and his story. Moore is not only a motivational speaker. He is a father, a youth fitness trainer, a referee, a personal fitness trainer, and an author. His book, Never Too Late, is a motivational book. He pulls from his own experiences in his book and in his talks in order to help children.

Moore originally wanted to be an NFL football player, but an injury in college and having a child led him down a different path. He was and still is very passionate about sports and in motivational speaking he found a way to combine his passions, sports and helping people.

During his speech he pulled volunteers from the audience. He had them try to shoot shots from the free throw line, 3 point line, and half court. While not all the students made all the shots they tried, which was the point of the demonstration. It may not always work out, but as long as you try that’s all that matters. When asked why he was so passionate about what he does he said his elementary school principal contributed to it a lot. Moore went to Sam Houston Elementary school in Wichita Falls, Texas. “You know, being in elementary, my grandparents didn’t go to college so I was thinking I was just gonna work straight out of high school. College wasn’t even an option until he introduced it to me,” Moore is quoted saying. Moore attended college in Arizona and has his Associate’s degree in sociology and is currently working on his Bachelor’s and Masters.

When asked to provide advice for students in high school he said, “Just believe in yourself, push yourself, have some goals in front of you, short-term and long-term goals. Figure out what you want to do and kind of figure out a path. Google anything you need to know online on whatever it takes to be successful in this career. Just go figure out what school you can apply for and get in. Apply for that school. If you get in , accept the scholarship, accept the financial aid, get in that school and just push. That’s the big thing, just push yourself and try not to start something and don’t finish. Thats a big thing, try to finish whatever you can.”

You can find Nick Moore on social media. His Facebook is Nickie Moore, his Instagram is mtovatornick, and his twitter is NickMoo8888.